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Your Burning Questions

Frequently asked questions about weddings and elopements, photography and how we work, wedding packages and pricing.



There’s a load of wedding photographers out there. But, like you, we try to set ourselves apart from the rest, to the point where we barely even call ourselves ‘wedding photographers’.

We’re driven by the inspiration of cinema and music, and if there’s one thing we get drunk on (besides IIPA’s and whiskey) it’s good writing, direction and cinematography. You can expect us to arrive that morning soaking wet in whatever is inspiring us in that moment - Paul Thomas Anderson films, the work of Roger Deakins, Dillinger Escape Plan’s latest album - amped up and ready to shoot the action of your day.

Our work is a natural result of going against the grain, and focusing on what’s truly important - you, and the one you love.

We’re in the legacy business, after all. And we want the images we create for you to last lifetimes. Trendy editing and poses simply don’t stand the test of time, unlike a powerfully captured frame that strongly connects with your emotions. We want every frame we deliver to be visually compelling and emotionally connecting.

Our ultimate goal is for you, in fifty years, to look at your wedding photos and feel what it was like on the day. Transporting, nostalgic, and moving.

We’re going to focus on capturing the real, as it happens, as you are, using light and composition to our advantage, and foster situations where you can be comfortable and real with one another. Real moments and biggest love, always.

Put simply.
We want you to have the best damned wedding photos this lifetime has to offer. This is what you’re investing into.

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What do you charge?

Pricing starts at 3,990 AUD for part day weddings and 1,490 AUD for flash bang elopements. Engagements and pre-wedding shoots for 1,290 AUD.
Get in touch for our full wedding pricing and packages.
Deposit is 1,000 AUD (or 50% for shorter shoots), and the remainder is due one month before the day.
We accept bank transfer, PayPal and credit card.

How does travel work?

We keep it simple. Travel fees vary per location, but often aren’t more than airfares, accommodation and car hire. Hit us directly to enquire for your location.

We’re not into being posed.

Same. And we’ll sense how natural you feel when shooting (this is where an engagement or pre-wedding shoot can help)
Some couples lap up the camera, and others feel super awkward. We barely use our list of poses anymore. As long as you two are together and connected, it’s usually all we need to make some emotionally-driven and impactful work.

When will we receive our photos?

After your wedding, all the raw photo files will be backed up at least three times. We’ll pick a handful from the day, edit them individually, and send you a preview gallery within 48 hours.
We’re artisan photographers, and we take a lot of time and care for your full gallery, culling and editing the photos ourselves in order to achieve our aesthetic.
Depending on our backlog, you can expect a wait of up to 3-4 months, sometimes sooner. But all good things take time, and the wait will be worth it!

Do you shoot digital only?

The bulk of our work is digital, but we also shoot Polaroid most weddings too. Reach out if you’re interested in a Polaroid-heavy wedding!


Do you sling discounts?

We think our work is pretty tops. We love what we do, and we work hard to achieve our signature aesthetic and ethos.
By paying our full rates, you’re investing into small business, quality creative, and personal dedication to you and your day.
Everyone has a budget, and we like to think we have a package that suits you.
However, if you’re haggling, or asking if we’ll price below another photographer, then maybe you’re looking for someone with less experience and style, and not us and our award-winning work.

What’s contact like before our wedding?

In the lead up to your day we’ll meet up at least once, preferably more so we can get cosy with one another. The more we hang out the easier it will be to have a random bearded weirdo shooting you, and it will be easier for us now that the trust is there. Wouldn’t you rather have another mate to hang loose with, rather than some stranger with a lens? If you’re local we’ll grab beers, otherwise Skype and email/phone calls is the way to go.

Can you recommend a schedule to work best with available light?

Oftentimes the wedding venue will provide a stock-standard cookie cutter schedule that they recommend for all couples, without considering time of year and where you’re standing during the ceremony. One that we see all the time is the ‘3pm ceremony’, which may be lovely in the middle of winter, but a hell-send during summer. Generally, the lower the sun (eg. 1-2.5 hours before sunset) is best for ceremony timing (added bonus: sleep in!). If you’re aiming for indoors, you can go anytime, so long as the room is lit with plenty of natural or ambient light (ie lamps, candles, neons, fairy or festoon lights).

Do you offer prints and albums?

Word. While we do give you the full resolution files for you to print at Kmart (but please don’t), you can order prints of all sizes on quality archival paper using organic pigments that will last a hundred years, directly from your gallery. Same goes for albums, though you have the choice between a design-it-yourself option (less range, less expensive) or a bespoke design in collaboration with us. Get in touch for pricing and to talk more.