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It’s weird coming out the other side.

After spending a few short (but huge) days with these incredible motherfolkers, it’s difficult settling back into normal life. Of course I was crazy excited to be home, and I missed Carisse and the kids in a way no words can explain, but leaving Donnelly River was bittersweet.

I have had so many experiences in my short time here. And it was an absolute blessing to be invited to speak at Camp Common Folk 2018, alongside so many great speakers.

I feel lucky to be able to call everyone - speakers and presenters, attendees, and organisers - bloody great mates of mine.

If you’re reading this and you ever need a decent listening ear to spew into, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I could write for days. But I discovered I may be a better speaker than blog writer (maybe), and I bet you’re all sick of me philosophising two minutes into every conversation.

I fucking love these guys. Thank you again to Jenna, Glen and Lauren for hosting this weird camp/conference/workshop thing!

Alright already. PHOTOS. All of these were taken on my tiny Fuji play thing (which is actually an incredible camera, buy one [looking at you Peter LJ]), or in Hannah’s words “the wankery thing hanging from your neck” (love ya mate).

Stay til the end because it get’s farking wild.

Uh yeah. Save some dollars and buy a ticket to next year’s one. You won’t regret it!


Speakers / Organisers

Common Folk
Through the Woods We Ran
Jenna Mason
Aaron Shum
Claire Martin
Danelle Bohane
Hannah Jones [Keeper Creative]
Jai Long [Free the Bird]
James Simmons
Melissa Soraya & Leah Dent
Natasja Kremers
Zalmy Berkowitz
Benjamin Urquhart [Kings & Thieves]