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We’ve all been to the same old wedding. So do it differently.

Picture this.

Getting ready solo, or with your closest friends. Music playing. Sunlight dispersing through the windows. Laughter. Anticipation. Excitement.

Waiting for your partner under a neon arbour in an old brewery. There’s no straight aisle here. Your guests cheer and light sparklers after you kiss and dance down the aisle.

Sun is setting. You lovers embrace as the sunlight dies. Quiet to hear the breeze breathe and hearts flood.

Toasts. Dancing. Beers. And plenty of ‘em. Decent jams. There’s no way the party’s dying early. Spirits. Bass drops. Drunk uncles. Glad aunts.

Tears. Happiness. Joyful togetherness.

I shoot a lot of weddings and elopements. All of them are special and unique and emotional in their own ways. But the best weddings are always, and I’ll always stick to this, ones that are done for the couple, not anyone else.

I’ve been at weddings that go off like the one I’ve described up top, where everything seems to go perfectly. But I know even though it seems perfect, there’s always things that don’t go according to plan. I’ve also shot weddings where so much pressure is put on the couple in the lead up to the day, from family/parents/circumstances out of their control, where they don’t even get a chance to celebrate the day because they’re so exhausted and stressed out from the experience.

It’s like a sliding scale of stress and pressure intensity. And it depends on who you are as a person, what your company is like, and the plans you’re pursuing, where you land on it.

This might be a short post, but I want to use it to encourage you. You might be planning a wedding or elopement right now, or thinking of proposing, or having a wedding this coming weekend. Wherever you’re at, I want you to do this. Step outside where it’s quiet. Breathe. Deeply.

You are in control of two things right now: how you choose to react to things that are out of your control, and how you choose to manage the things you can.

What you have coming is bloody exciting, and I’m freaking amped for you. Being married, in my experience, hardships included, is the one of the best decisions we’ve made together.

I do wish however, knowing what I do now, that we did more things for ourselves. It’s easy to get caught up in the family pressures, the commerce, and the ‘wedding porn’ of it all, and forget what’s truly important here — you, your partner, and how you choose to celebrate the ways in which you love.

The day you get hitched to your significant other is a day for you two. Nobody else. This is significant not only regarding this day, but as a starting point of the rest of your lives together.

Above all else, plan this day in a way that truly suits you and the human being that loves you most.

Go get ‘em.