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Straight up, I have no clue how to skate. I tried once, on a ramp by our church when I was a chubby 11 year old, and it went about as well as you think. I’ve been meaning to go again. Let’s say it’s on my list of things to do. I think it’s most likely I’ll learn by the time our daughters grow up enough to ride, and by then I’ll be able to teach ‘em a thing or two. Actually I think Carisse might be the better one, after spending her teenage years as an emo skater kid. I bet she still has it.

Andy definitely reignited the yearn to learn. After many beers and a huge day, he graced Bato Yard skatepark like a freaking angel. Deadset, skating comes to him more naturally than walking. I think him and Sarah were late to their low-key reception due to good times at the skate park, in full wedding attire.

These guys know how to throw a wedding. They rented an Airbnb beachside to get ready, had cars drive them up to The Forest Chapel in Terrigal, decked out by The Make Haus hitched by the raddest human Kim Oakhill and then off to Long Jetty and the skate park for bridal party portraits. This is how you do it.

And the dress! Mate! Rue de Seine knows how to make ‘em. I wasn’t going to let this gown out of sight without shooting some whacky shit, which you’ll see in the photos to come.

Speaking of photos to come, I’ve thrown the full gallery up on our Pic-Time portfolio.

Last, I listed on our Instagram + Facebook a few of my influences/inspiration going in to shooting. I think you’ll be surprised (or not). Have more of a read over there.

Sarah + Andrew. Bloody love yas.