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There’s so much to say, but I’m still stuck speechless. There’s no denying the power of human connection and emotion, however. And Rachel & Damian’s heartfelt Blue Mountains wedding at Waldara Farm bleeds it.

To start at the beginning would be a disservice to these guys’ story. Their energies travel across a multitude of different planes, and even though it seems like time passes us in one direction, it sure felt like these two had lived the day before, and they’d come back to live it harder.

The best weddings are unshielded, with unguarded emotions, allowing spirits to get high and fill the room. Rachel & Damian’s wedding day was full of it. This was, hands down, one of the most emotional weddings I’ve ever been a part of. And it just got more emotional as the evening went on. The speeches from these two, and Rachel’s dad, are still burned in my mind and heart. These were more than deep and meaningful wedding speeches, and certainly a lot more than the typical google templates people usually download for their weddings. It was like being witnessed to, as if someone was speaking directly to your soul. And you feel the room elevate, and tears bust out the seams. I’m still not 100% sure this part of the night even happened, it was such a dream to be a part of.

I’ll never forget the time we trespassed on the neighbour’s property, and given the rusty old trucks and gear left out in the open, who honestly wouldn’t? It was made all the more exciting when this neighbour was alerted by another via erratic car horn symphony, and she flew out of her patio door, jumped into her paddock basher, and drove at breakneck speed to drive us off the property. It was astoundingly efficient, in a Mad Max Fury Road kinda way.

Another standout is when we were out scouting together in the weeks prior, and we had to stop every half hour or so during our drive out to pick through roadkill for bone jewellery and wedding styling. Looked dope af on the night, though.

Shoutout to the random puppers that joined us all on the dancefloor at the end of the night. You know life.

Enough from me. Here’s some words from Rachel & Damian themselves. Huge love.



Tell us about your proposal. Damian, unbeknown to me, spent months planning, drawing and building scale models (we met in design school) for the most extravagant proposal I could ever begin to imagine. I was taken to an unknown location and given a lantern, was told to walk down a path to discover a candle filled teepee, between the trees, that he had built with his own hands. He wrote, performed and sang an original song on loop pedal, got down on one knee and asked me to be his bride.

What do you love most about your partner? The way he loves our kids that haven’t even been conceived yet. He balances me and compliments me in the areas that I lack. I also love the way his mind works. Although I can’t always keep up or follow, he comes up with some fascinating thoughts and theories. Most days, he teaches me things I didn’t even know about myself.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? Seeing Damian waiting for me at the end of the aisle. Having our most loved friends and family from different states and countries come together in the same location, at the same time, to celebrate our love for each other.

What is marriage to you? A never ending journey of growth and discovery of self and each other. An opportunity to become truly selfless, by positioning your partner in a way that allows them to blossom and become the best version of themselves.


photographer -- kings & thieves
blue mountains wedding photography

venue -- 
waldara farm
dress -- 
rue de seine
florals -- 
waiting for george
hair -- 
koca hair
makeup -- 
cuts on govetts
suit -- 
jack london
ake -- silver lining cake designs
ring boxes -- 
wooden circle
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cdm engraving
rachel's ring -- 
la kaiser
calligraphy -- 
colleen nitasha brown
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Emotional Rustic Blue Mountains wedding at Waldara Farm


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Emotional Rustic Blue Mountains wedding at Waldara Farm